Authoress Terry E. Lyle

I used to think that victory wouldn’t arise.
Because I had to look at my swollen, black eyes.
I felt like I was going through hell because of those horrible secrets that I couldn’t tell.
Tears I admit I cried quite a few, but I suspect that others already knew.
I went from hopelessness and sinking in despair.
Afraid to seek help thinking no one would care.
Fearing there was no hope because my life seem frayed.
I had forgotten one thing, I should have knelt down and prayed.
God sent me hope and I know this to be true.
My life is so much better, and I feel brand new.
No longer in that abusive relationship
Not beat down or emotionally whipped.
My tip is to seek out help and tell everyone
There are options for you to get the job done.
Victory can be yours and it’s right within reach.
Stop being a victim of that cruel awful leech.
Some people need jail time to learn a lesson.
Before someone freaks out, and they meet…
Smith and Wesson.