Is There Hope for Mankind?

Authoress Terry E. Lyle

Many hidden secrets are out there
In our universe to be found
Some are of a spiritual nature

Of things that are hard to grasp
As things are constantly changing
and moving way to fast.

Often you'll hear about God
and you accept that God is real
However when it's Satan
you shudder in total fear

Forgetting you have the tools
to ward off his attacks
as he constantly and maliciously
always keep coming back.

Knowing he came to destroy
and take your life at will
he will devour you as he seeks
to destroy and to kill

My Christian soldiers
remember all that you will need
is the whole armor of God
and sprinkle some gospel seeds

Jesus will strengthen you
with His love that you will feel
cover you in this spiritual fight,
this fact is definitely real

Also maintain a strong belief system
and your faith in Jesus is right.
You may wrestle with this problem
all through the darkness of the night

Christians gird up your loins
And prepare for a fight
The battle has already begun
As you stand on this battlefield
until this victory is won.