Authoress Terry E. Lyle

Guilt is a weight that pulls us down,
A heavy burden, a constant frown,
A dark cloud that will hover overhead,
A memory of things we wish we’d said.
Guilt consumes us, while it eats us alive,
It festers within, as it thrives and thrives.
It’s an endless cycle, a cycle of pain,
A relentless reminder of our own shame.
We try to escape, and we try to forget,
But guilt is a force we cannot neglect,
It haunts us in our darkest hours,
A constant reminder, of it’s crushing power.
But there’s a way out, and a path to heal,
We need to face our guilt and make it real,
To learn from our mistakes, and to make amends,
We need to find peace, or make new friends.
For guilt Is not a punishment, nor is it a curse,
It’s a chance to learn, to do better not worse,
And though it may be hard, we must persist,
For guilt can be a teacher, when we willing enlist.
Guilt is a weight that drags us down,
A burden we can’t shake or even drown,
It seeps real deep within our souls,
If you don’t address it, it’ll take control,
It lingers in our minds and in our hearts,
That nagging voice will tear us apart,
It whispers of wrongs we cannot right,
There’s no forgiveness just sleepless nights,
We long to be free of its very tight hold,
To release the guilt, that cannot be told,
But it’s not a an easy thing to do,
For guilt can be stubborn and stick like glue,
I feel the weight of guilt upon my chest,
The burden’s heavy, I can hardly digest,
I cannot shake it, try hard as I might,
It wrestles me down as I’m losing the fight,
A million thoughts race through my head,
Recanting the things I wish I’d said,
Regret and shame, a toxic brew,
It clouds my mind and blocks my view,
I wish some how I could go back in time,
I’d change my actions, that were on my mind.