I'm going to see my grandkids because I haven't seen them in awhile. I am going to see my grandkids because they always make me smile. I like to see those little faces, when they come running towards me. I'm hiding candy in my pockets which I know that they will see. They know their grandmother wants to pinch them, hug, kiss and squeeze, while wiping away their boo-boo's, and bandage the skinned up knees. Grandma loves them very much, and they are sorely missed, when grandma sits at home alone, and miss their special kiss. When it's time to go, they hug her and they sigh. Then they start to whimper, as she watches those babies cry. "Don't go grandma, don't go, please stay a little while, don't go grandma, and I promise we won't cry. Can you stay five minutes more, while I look into your eyes? We want to tell you something that comes from all of us, which are here; grandma I hate to tell you this, your wig is sliding off your head! Don't go grandma, don't go, and please don't be too mad because I had to tell you, your hair is looking bad."

Don't go Grandma

Authoress Terry E. Lyle