Child Molestation

Authoress Terry E. Lyle

When you are a child, and someone touches you.

You're scared and afraid, wondering what to do,

Tell anyone who will listen to you

It makes me sick that you were molested,

However sad it's okay to confess it.

That person is what you would call a pervert,

A sick individual that someone will hurt.

Let the family members find out who they are,

They will get a beat down and won't get far

They need to be locked up and throw away the keys,

Remove them quickly from society

Predators seeking out the young,

Unable to fight off what's being done

Now scarred for the rest of their life

A pain in their heart that cuts like a knife.

Years from now the victims still hurt.

And with their own kids they stay on alert,

Watching diligently for every little clue

A parent's nightmare if they fail to protect you.

It's a shame that such a hideous thing would happen to a child.

God's gift to the world that you chose to defile.