Butt and Gas

Authoress Terry E. Lyle

Sitting on my butt and as wide as it is, I can't help but shake my head. Your butt may be narrow and it feels like sitting on a bone, or round and cushiony like a pillow at home.

The deal is really not that grand, we all will sit on our butts. when we hate to stand. If you exercise your butt and it looks really tight. I could imagine your clothes will look good by sight. Your muscles will be rippling all through your tail, not large like mine and shaped like a sail. Butts may come in various sizes, some you can hardly find, while others are huge surprises. As we sit, our butt cheeks spread out, then our butt cheeks wonders what that is all about. Some of you will be farting and trying to be slick, with that gaseous odor which will smell and make you sick.

Then you laugh like you're having so much fun, while everyone around you they start to run. So I'm going to squeeze my buttcheeks really tight, and hope my derriere looks good when I go out tonight. I'll wear my clothes just a little tight as my buttcheeks jiggle and jut out just right.

I hope I get the stares as I walk in a room, accentuating my buttocks while the people will swoon. Men will be saying that I have a nice derrière as I twirl around my butt in the air. Then I will so gracefully have a seat, so I can fart real quietly as I cross my feet. I will be hoping today that I don't have any gas, when I decide to sit....... on my voluptuous fat ass.