Behind the Mask

Authoress Terry E. Lyle

We put on a mask, a smile on our face,
Hiding the hurt, the scars of disgrace.
But inside we’re dying, a slow decline,
Our spirits shattered, our souls confined,
We try to fix ourselves, to glue back the pieces,
But the cracks remain, where a permanent crease is
We search for the light, it’s nowhere to be found,
Leaving us lost, where the darkness surrounds.
Broken from the inside, like shattered glass,
A million pieces, a shattered mass.
The pain cuts deep, with a constant ache,
A wound that won’t heal, that we have to take.
And we take the first step, to a brighter place,
So we gather the pieces, with courage and grace.
But hope still remains, a flicker in the night,
A belief that someday, that things will be right.
But like a weight that we just can’t shake,
A constant ache we fail to escape.