Authoress Terry E. Lyle

AIDS is a terrible disease
Wiping out lives you have to believe
This doesn't only affect homosexuals
It can affect anyone and that is factual
Some catch it while doing drugs
By sharing needles with infected blood
Even children and little babies
Can get AIDS, "Oh yes, I'm not crazy"
Some were in the hospital and received a transfusion
Because of a tainted blood source was the deadly conclusion
Emergency crews can catch it too
By helping others, just watch the news
Open wounds and shared saliva
Can transmit AIDS, I swear on the Bible
T cells are out of control,
A cure for this disease we need to unfold
Modern medicine has made some strides
People are living longer than the ones who died
Families are shook up about this dreaded curse
Losing their love ones so what could be worse?
Together humanity will fight this thing
To end the deaths that AIDS will bring.